Dr. Michael Dardano

A New Year’s Resolution
25 Jan
Friday, 10PM

A New Year’s Resolution

As a holistic physician, January is always an exciting month for me personally and in my work. Many patients come to me at the beginning of each year, with grand hopes for change. What is it that makes some successful and others are still running the same cycle, year after year, without achievement?
After ten years of practice, and observation, I have come to this conclusion…..

1. Set a Realistic Set of Goals and A Specific Plan to Achieve them
Write each thing down on a piece of paper with a pen (not on the computer), phrase each thing in present tense as if it is already happening: i.e. “I am fitting so nicely in my skinny jeans and enjoy wearing them on the weekends.”, “my new office has the most spectacular views and the most uplifting energy”.

2. Let go of the Thought of Sacrifice
Many people feel that when they have to stop eating certain foods like dairy, gluten, sugar, etc, they are being deprived of something, its unfair to them, but this thought pattern creates negative feelings, and negative behaviors out of self entitlement somewhere along the way. Instead adopt a philosophy of letting go of the hurtful, damaging substances that are taking away from your health and happiness and embrace self respect that you have made choices to better yourself and look forward to a long, healthy happy life.

3. Instead of Giving Up, Give Out
Similar to the Catholic tradition of Lent, where they all give up something “bad” for forty days, it is of much greater benefit to take up doing something “good”, which will potentially create a new positive habit, lifestyle, food choice, exercise routine, etc. Just giving something up temporarily, creates a glutton at the end of the journey because your holding onto the idea of the old as some sort of treasure hunt.

4. Be Wiling to Let go of the Old
Part of creating space for the new choices in life, is letting go of the old ones and making room. Cut some cords with dysfunctional relationships, say goodbye to old friends that bring you down, clean out the closets, donate old clothes, furniture, books, things that clutter up your life and your home. If weight loss is a goal, absolutely, positively give away ALL the old clothing that is too big for you, it is a MUST.

5. Be compassionate with yourself
This is not an easy journey, and it take strength and courage, so be gentle with yourself, and sit with the feelings, evaluate where your at, and praise yourself for doing the work. Enjoy the steps along the way, a the journey is where its at, there is no end point at the finish line.. this is life!



Chiropractors understand that one of the main causes of pain and disease is the misalignment and abnormal motion of the vertebrae in the spinal column called a subluxation. Chiropractic works by removing these subluxations in the spine, thereby relieving pressure and irritation on the nerves, restoring joint mobility, and returning the body back to a state of normal function.


Homeopathy is a system of medical therapy that uses very small doses of medicines, or remedies. These remedies are prepared from substances found in nature. Nevertheless, homeopathy should not be confused with herbal medicine. These two systems of medicine are very different. Herbal medicine uses tinctures of botanical substances, whereas homeopaths use ultradilute “micro”doses made from not only plants, but minerals or any other substance found in nature.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki focuses energy on creating a balance and restoring energy flow through the seven chakra system.


When our bodies become “toxic,” it means that our natural means of ushering out metabolic waste from normal human metabolism, environmental pollution, and what has become known as the Standard American Diet (or SAD diet – funny, right!) have exceeded the threshold for what the body’s innate detoxification system can tolerate on its own. With this toxic load, every system in the human body can become affected. From our head to our toes and everything in between, toxicity makes us sick!


Clinical nutrition or nutrition therapy/services start out by an assessment of the patient; a case history, physical examination, review of current diet and lifestyle, heavy metal testing, food sensitivity testing, kinesiology testing, and neurotransmitter testing. After the evaluation and testing is completed, the doctor will be able to make recommendations on what foods to eat, what foods to eliminate, how to remove toxins, possible supplements for specific needs and exercise. An array of detoxification programs are readily available, if recommended.

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the flowering part of the plant, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. The first 38 flower remedies were formulated by a British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist, in the 1930's, and are entitled the Bach Remedies, although new remedies from other plant species are now available know as Flower Essence Therapy System.


Kinesiology, also known as biomechanics, is the study of body movement. Applied kinesiology (AK) which is also know as muscle strength testing, is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances or other organ or gland problems. Practitioners contend that by correcting this muscle weakness, you can help heal a problem in the associated internal organ.