My Story

Many people ask me why and how I became a holistic doctor. The truth is, that many people end up in alternative medicine because they had health challenges growing up, that could not be corrected by traditional western medicine. And like so many, my story is similar.

 Most of my life growing up I was a sick child. I had severe allergies to many things; including animals, foods, seasonal outdoor pollens, dust, molds, perfumes, cigarettes, etc. The list went on and on. My parents took me to many doctors. I was on antibiotics yearly, several allergy medications, nasal sprays, inhalers, and I went through multiple years of allergy injections. None of these treatments ever “fixed the problem” for me, and I continued to suffer throughout middle school, high school, college, and into my graduate studies.  

 When it came time to determine a direction for my life, I shadowed and interviewed various practitioners in many health fields  and I found myself most intrigued by Chiropractic and Nutrition. During my years at the Chiropractic University, my student clinic intern shook me awake one day and told me that the allergies would stop if I discontinued eating the foods that I was allergic to and allowed my body to repair itself. Something so simple, yet foreign to me, especially considering no doctor of mine had ever recommended that as an option. That day was the beginning of a new life-long journey for myself to fully heal my body through a holistic approach by addressing the full spectrum of my mind, body, and spirit. I set a goal to find balance in my life, to focus on my mindfulness and to listen to the messages my body is trying to tell me on a daily basis.  

 At some point, I realized that the many health challenges I have faced are so similar to those of my patients as well. I have a genuine concern and understanding of what people go through with their illnesses and it allows me an immense amount of compassion for those who are still on that journey. 

 My work has become a constant flowing and ever-growing pool of knowledge, technique, practice and change. I strive continually to learn and improve the work that I do, knowing that the best doctors are the ones who admit that they know very little and are always open to learning more, try more, and grow more.  

 If you are considering the idea of beginning the journey to healing with me, I urge you to take some time to read through all the stories that my patients have so thoughtfully and bravely shared, so that you might find a connection and an inspiring story that relates to what you may have or maybe going through.