What My Patients Say

He was able to help us greatly!

For over a year now, my husband and I have both been working with Dr. Dardano. With a vast knowledge of both the body and mind, he was able to help us greatly. So many are suffering from poor gut

Amy M.

He has taught me so much…

Dr. Mike is wonderful! He helped me deal with SI joint and back pain that so many traditional doctors were unable to heal or help me to be pain-free. I was exhausted from the traditional healthcare system failing me over

Carly D.

Dr. Dardano is an amazingly intuitive healer.

Dr. Dardano is an amazingly intuitive healer.  He used a variety of holistic modalities to address all of my issues, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Dr. Dardano is truly one of the best, and you will not be

Dave O.

He is knowledgeable, respectful, compassionate…

I started going to Dr Dardano last year, after battling with on-going digestive issues.  I had been working with a Gastroenterologist, and my health wasn’t improving.  Dr Dardano approached my situation using several disciplines (including nutrition, supplements, reiki, chiropractor adjustments,

Erika R.

Dr. Dardano has changed my life.

Dr. Dardano has changed my life. For years now I have been having weight issues as well as an understanding that my body wasn’t healthy, something wasn’t in balance. I’ve been to holistic specialists, my primary medical doctor, physical therapists,

Sheerah S.

I feel like a cloud…

Dr. Mike has played an integral role in my recovery from intestinal/gut issues that have plagued me for about a year. After an exhaustive back and forth between my primary care physician and a GI for months on end with

Emily F.



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