Dr. Dardano has changed my life.

Dr. Dardano has changed my life. For years now I have been having weight issues as well as an understanding that my body wasn’t healthy, something wasn’t in balance. I’ve been to holistic specialists, my primary medical doctor, physical therapists, personal trainers, all in the hope to pin-point my digestion problems, my low energy and lethargy as well as my dependence on sugar.

When I first walked into Dr. Mike’s office, I sat down and we spoke about my concerns and worries. He truly listened to me; not just what I said but during that first session he listened to what my physical body had to say, it spoke to him. Dr. D has a gift of understanding the human body like no one I have ever met before. Through the different services he offers he has helped to direct my body, mind and spirit along a much more balanced path.

Dr. Mike is friendly and has a calming spirit as well as a warm smile that puts you at ease in his presence. My sugar dependence as well as my digestion issues are under control and I am continuing to work with him towards a healthier me. He has even inspired me to take a free nutrition course to better educate myself about the choices I am making. I can’t say enough about Dr. Mike but you won’t truly understand the amazing effect he can have on you until you see him yourself and then you’ll be a believer for life…like me.