Food Therapy

Wondering what food choices will serve your goals for wellness best? Turns out your ancestors and modern science have more in common than you may have realized. Personalized food therapy brings together this connection.

Search the keywords “healthy eating” and a familiar array of food-buzz-terms will turn up – gluten-free, dairy-free, fermented, sprouted, raw food, macrobiotics, raw juices, paleo, vegan, pescetarian, intermittent fasting, elimination diets, food combining… With so many dietary trends and fads, along with all types of health coaches and personal trainers dispensing advice, it can be daunting to reach the solid conclusion, “so what should I be eating?”

Most nutritional and food-science health experts can agree that the above dietary types do a fairly decent job at offering a large number of people health-conferring effects.

But, the question still remains: Which ones are right for me, now and later, and how can I determine this?

Taking a healthy eating approach through personalized food therapy helps answer that question. Because we all eventually become what we eat, why not consider this perspective: Who we are dictates what we should be eating. 

The principles on which food therapy rests are subjective and objective:

1. Blood type Analysis

2. Constitution type- Ayurvedic Principles

3. Ancestral and Genetic Data

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